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What are hand-tied extensions?

Hand-tied extensions have a double meaning - 1. they are hand sewn wefts of hair allowing their binding to be incredibly thin & therefore less noticeable on the head & 2. they are quite literally hand sewn into your natural hair using a bead, needle, & thread method.

What are hand-tied extensions made of?

The brand of extensions that I use are 100% human hair of the Remy type, meaning that all of the hair cuticles face the same direction (down) making the hair super smooth, shiny, & sleek. Non-Remy extensions have cuticles going in both directions & are coated with wax to give them initial shine that inevitably goes away due to the coating being removed with normal washing & care.

What can hand-tied extensions do for me?

TONS!!! These extensions can be used for length (they come in 14", 18", or 22" lengths) &/or volume on most hair types. The possibilities are truly endless!

How expensive are hand-tied extensions?

Hand-tied extensions are a luxury service & are priced accordingly. At your consultation, you will be quoted for the hair needed as well as the cost for installation ($125 for the first row, $50/additional row up to four total). Hair runs from anywhere between $250-$900 for the initial install, depending on the length desired & density needed. With proper care, wefts (hair) can last upwards of a year without needing to be replaced.

Couldn't I just get tape-in extensions for way less?

You could! But as is the case in life, you get what you pay for. Tape-in extensions, while less pricey, are still expensive. They also require more frequent maintenance & need to be replaced several times each year, depending on care. Regardless of care taken during removal, they can cause substantial hair damage & breakage due to the adhesive used to install them. Additionally, as your hair grows out, the extensions will begin to stick out a bit from your head making them more noticeable. They are also very difficult to put up into any type of ponytail or up-style & tend to be difficult/uncomfortable to sleep with. Hand-tied extensions lie flat against your head allowing them to grow with your hair, straight down. Ponytails & up-styles are a breeze & when installed correctly are almost entirely undetectable. Again, you get what you pay for.

Do hand-tied extensions require a lot of upkeep?

Every 6-10 weeks (depending on how fast your hair grows), you will need to come in for a 'move up'. A move up is when your extensions are removed & moved back up to your scalp (we move up the extensions you already have, you do not buy new hair each time!!!). As your natural hair grows out, the extensions grow out as well. Think of your nails as a gel mani grows, same thing. Additionally, at-home care is required. The extensions have specific needs & as a result require specific products to keep them looking their best & protect their longevity. All necessary products can be purchased at Gloss & will be provided to you free of charge as part of your initial install package.

Will my extensions match my hair color?

YES!!! There are TONS of options available for colors including balayage, ombre, & highlights. I am also able to color them if needed as they are human hair but often times, it isn't necessary.

How long will it take to get my extensions installed?

As I'm first starting out, it'll be a long appointment. The installation itself may take upwards of four hours. If you need your natural hair colored prior, which would be an additional appointment that we would do on a different day during the same week.

So, be much is this REALLY going to cost me?

While an exact quote cannot be given without an in-person consultation, it is safe to estimate that the initial installation will run anywhere from $750-$1100, give or take. Included in the initial installation is:

- cost of hair
- cost of installation ($125 for the first row, then $50/row up to 3 additional rows)
- intro package including; shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner spray, & boar bristle brush (all required products)
- blending of extension into natural hair
- full style

Cost of hair color services is not included in the install price. That would be a separate service & cost.

Move up appointments (every 6-10 weeks depending on care & how fast your hair grows) are priced the same as initial installs:


1 Row - $125

2 Rows - $175 (total)

3 Rows - $225 (total)

4 Rows - $275 (total)

These prices are introductory & will increase due to demand & mastering of skills/advancement.

Give me the elevator pitch, why should I do this?

It's simple. These extensions will not only allow you to have the thick, long hair of your dreams but they will also give you confidence you didn't know was possible. Being self-conscious of fine, thin hair will no longer be an issue. Every day you will wake up with beautiful, long, fairy princess hair that will have you getting compliments every time you step foot out of your front door. What's not to love?!





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