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I help women achieve gorgeous

color that boosts their self-confidence while

maintaining healthy hair.

Client Love

Abby is the best! Not only does she make your hair look amazing but she boosts your confidence so you feel as good as you look! I have never felt so at home in a salon & I always look forward to my next visit. Abby always takes time to listen to your hair goals & helps you make a plan that works best for your vision & the health of your hair. I couldn't recommend her enough!


I feel SO lucky to have stumbled upon the Gloss Beauty Bar Instagram page a few years ago. I always leave the salon feeling like a million bucks & love how Abby highlights & cuts my hair. But, what really sets Gloss apart is all the bonus details that make being a Gloss customer delightful - I can easily book online, I know Abby stays up to date on current trends & honing her skills, & we have fantastic conversations during our appointments. It's not just about the hair; it's an all around fantastic experience that keeps me coming back for more! 



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